Reviewers and reviewing sites for Australian Children’s Literature

Reviewers and reviewing sites for Australian Children’s Literature:

Australia has a significant number of children’s book reviewers and quality evaluation and reviewing sources:

The Children’s Book Council of Australia publishes online reviews and interviews in its free resource Reading Time
Copyright Agency
Kids’ Book Review
Reading Australia provides teaching resources, essays and links to the Australian curriculum


State Departments of Education provide reviews to their populations. Education Websites

Magpies: Talking about Books for Children is available by subscription since 1986, and features reviews, interviews, articles on creators and publishers

Consider the amazing number of free blogs in the field of Australian children’s literature.  Choose those that are knowledgeable and useful for reviewing purposes. Some suggestions are:

Australian authors and illustrators may have websites featuring news, reviews and other items about their work. Publishers feature information about the creators they publish and may include links to related material. There is a wealth of material waiting to be discovered.

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Ashleigh Meikle reviews and supports Australian Children's literature in her blog The Book Muse