Making a donation

Making a donation

The National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Inc. (NCACL) relies on philanthropic support to achieve its conservation work and such programs. The creation of databases and bibliographies for use in Australian educational settings and to support the curriculum can be costly and volunteer intensive.

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The NCACL Board asks that you consider making a donation to support the creation of unique Australian resources.

Make a donation online using Stripe.

NCACL Online Donations

Donations can also be made by cheque, money order or direct deposit to:
BSB: 062 901  ACCOUNT NUMBER: 10201872

For receipt purposes, please label your donation with your

NCACL gratefully accepts monetary donations for Board approved special projects or book collections and related resources.

The NCACL wishes to thank its generous donors for their financial support and encouragement.

NCACL has been endorsed as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) by the Australian Taxation Office under Subdivision 20-BA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. This entitles donors to make monetary gifts. The Centre acknowledges such gifts, and the monetary value of that gift can be itemised as a deduction on the donor’s income tax returns in the year of donation.

Printable NCACL Donation Form

The Cultural Gifts Program requires all donations relating to the creative process to fall within the institution’s Collection Development Policy. The National Centre must also consider whether the potential donation offers research potential in the field of Australian children’s literature, whether the donation complements other items held within our collection, whether we are the most suitable institution, and whether NCACL can offer the storage needed.

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